This package contains the public API for properties defined in the XML configuration. It also contains the interfaces for automatic validation and conversion.
  • Interface Summary
    Interface Description
    This interface describes an extended approach of the currently available pure property based configuration inside Hazelcast and helps implementing an automatic and transparent way to verify configuration as well as converting types based on provided validators and converters.
    ValueValidator<T extends Comparable<T>>
    This interface defines a certain validation logic implementation to test if a given value is expected to be correct or not.
  • Class Summary
    Class Description
    Simple immutable implementation of PropertyDefinition for convenience of implementors.
  • Enum Summary
    Enum Description
    This enum class contains basic TypeConverter implementations to convert strings to all common basic Java types.
  • Exception Summary
    Exception Description
    This exception is thrown from ValueValidator implementations whenever the validation has not succeed for any reason.