Class ClientOutOfMemoryHandler


public class ClientOutOfMemoryHandler
extends com.hazelcast.instance.impl.DefaultOutOfMemoryHandler
To clear resources of the client upon OutOfMemory
  • Constructor Details

    • ClientOutOfMemoryHandler

      public ClientOutOfMemoryHandler()
  • Method Details

    • onOutOfMemory

      public void onOutOfMemory​(OutOfMemoryError oome, HazelcastInstance[] hazelcastInstances)
      Description copied from class: OutOfMemoryHandler
      When an OutOfMemoryError is caught by Hazelcast threads, this method is called for ALL HazelcastInstances knows by current JVM (actually ClassLoader).

      User can shutdown the HazelcastInstance, call System.exit(), just log the error, etc. The default handler tries to close socket connections to other nodes and shutdown the HazelcastInstance.

      Warning: OutOfMemoryHandler may not be called even if JVM throws OutOfMemoryError because the error may be thrown from an external (user) thread and Hazelcast may not be informed about OutOfMemoryError.

      onOutOfMemory in class com.hazelcast.instance.impl.DefaultOutOfMemoryHandler
      oome - OutOfMemoryError thrown by JVM
      hazelcastInstances - All HazelcastInstances known by JVM, can include inactive or NULL instances.
      See Also:
      OutOfMemoryHandler.tryCloseConnections(HazelcastInstance), OutOfMemoryHandler.tryShutdown(HazelcastInstance)