Interface TenantControlFactory

public interface TenantControlFactory
A TenantControlFactory supplies TenantControl objects when Hazelcast service attaches the tenant control to a distributed object. An implementation of TenantControlFactory is instantiated via ServiceLoader, so in order to be picked up:
  • Its class name must be stored in a service definition file in META-INF/services/com.hazelcast.spi.tenantcontrol.TenantControlFactory
  • It must have a public no-args constructor
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • saveCurrentTenant

      TenantControl saveCurrentTenant()
      To be called from the application's thread to connect a Hazelcast object with a particular tenant, e.g. JCache-based cache with a particular application Implementor will save the current thread context and return it Further operations from other threads will use the returned context for this particular Hazelcast object to re-establish the invocation context
      new TenantControl instance with the saved state of the current tenant
    • isClassesAlwaysAvailable

      boolean isClassesAlwaysAvailable()
      If the method returns false (classes are not always available), all objects, e.g. CacheConfigs are always sent over the wire in a form that does not require classes to be loaded / available. Objects will be sent using class names instead of class types, and sending byte arrays instead of serialized objects. This is so de-serialization does not fail with ClassNotFoundException
      true is the associated applications are always loaded and running