Interface MemberAddressProvider

public interface MemberAddressProvider
IMPORTANT This interface is not intended to provide addresses of other cluster members with which the hazelcast instance will form a cluster. This is an SPI for advanced use in cases where the AddressPicker implementation does not pick suitable addresses to bind to and publish to other cluster members. For instance, this could allow easier deployment in some cases when running on Docker, AWS or other cloud environments. That said, if you are just starting with Hazelcast, you will probably want to set the member addresses by using TcpIpConfig.setMembers(List), MulticastConfig or adding a discovery strategy. Allow to customize: 1. What address Hazelcast will bind to 2. What address Hazelcast will advertise to other members on which they can bind to

This is practical in some cloud environments where the default strategy is not yielding good results.

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