Class KubernetesProperties


public final class KubernetesProperties
extends Object

Configuration class of the Hazelcast Discovery Plugin for Kubernetes.

For possible configuration properties please refer to the public constants of this class.

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      public static final String KUBERNETES_SYSTEM_PREFIX

      Configuration System Environment Prefix: hazelcast.kubernetes.

      Defines the prefix for system environment variables and JVM command line parameters.
      Defining or overriding properties as JVM parameters or using the system environment, those properties need to be prefixed to prevent collision on property names.
      Example: SERVICE_DNS will be:
      For kubernetes and openshift there is a special rule where the environment variables are provided in C-identifier style, therefore the prefix is converted to uppercase and dots and dashed will be replaced with underscores:
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values

      public static final PropertyDefinition SERVICE_DNS

      Configuration key: service-dns

      Defines the DNS service lookup domain. This is defined as something similar to
      For more information please refer to the official documentation of the Kubernetes DNS addon, here.

      public static final PropertyDefinition SERVICE_DNS_TIMEOUT

      Configuration key: service-dns-timeout

      Defines the DNS service lookup timeout in seconds. Defaults to: 5 secs.

      public static final PropertyDefinition SERVICE_NAME

      Configuration key: service-name

      Defines the service name of the POD to lookup through the Service Discovery REST API of Kubernetes.

      public static final PropertyDefinition SERVICE_LABEL_NAME

      Configuration key: service-label-name

      Defines the service label to lookup through the Service Discovery REST API of Kubernetes.

      public static final PropertyDefinition SERVICE_LABEL_VALUE

      Configuration key: service-label-value

      Defines the service label value to lookup through the Service Discovery REST API of Kubernetes.

      public static final PropertyDefinition NAMESPACE

      Configuration key: namespace

      Defines the namespace of the application POD through the Service Discovery REST API of Kubernetes.

      public static final PropertyDefinition POD_LABEL_NAME

      Configuration key: pod-label-name

      Defines the pod label to lookup through the Service Discovery REST API of Kubernetes.

      public static final PropertyDefinition POD_LABEL_VALUE

      Configuration key: pod-label-value

      Defines the pod label value to lookup through the Service Discovery REST API of Kubernetes.

      public static final PropertyDefinition RESOLVE_NOT_READY_ADDRESSES

      Configuration key: resolve-not-ready-addresses

      Defines if not ready addresses should be evaluated to be discovered on startup.

      public static final PropertyDefinition USE_NODE_NAME_AS_EXTERNAL_ADDRESS

      Configuration key: use-node-name-as-external-address

      Defines if the node name should be used as external address, instead of looking up the external IP using the /nodes resource. Default is false.

      public static final PropertyDefinition KUBERNETES_API_RETIRES

      Configuration key: kubernetes-api-retries

      Defines the number of retries to Kubernetes API. Defaults to: 3.

      public static final PropertyDefinition KUBERNETES_MASTER_URL

      Configuration key: kubernetes-master

      Defines an alternative address for the kubernetes master. Defaults to: https://kubernetes.default.svc

      public static final PropertyDefinition KUBERNETES_API_TOKEN

      Configuration key: api-token

      Defines an oauth token for the kubernetes client to access the kubernetes REST API. Defaults to reading the token from the auto-injected file at: /var/run/secrets/

      public static final PropertyDefinition KUBERNETES_CA_CERTIFICATE
      Configuration key: ca-certificate CA Authority certificate from Kubernetes Master, defaults to reading the certificate from the auto-injected file at: /var/run/secrets/

      public static final PropertyDefinition SERVICE_PORT

      Configuration key: service-port

      If specified with a value greater than 0, its value defines the endpoint port of the service (overriding the default).