Class ProtobufSerializerHook<T extends>

Type Parameters:
T - the Protocol Buffers GeneratedMessageV3 type handled by this SerializerHook.
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class ProtobufSerializerHook<T extends>
extends Object
implements SerializerHook<T>
Simplifies using the Hazelcast Serializer Hook mechanism to register a Google Protocol Buffers serializer with the Hazelcast Jet cluster. The serialized class can then be used in Hazelcast data structures and Jet jobs.

To use it, create a JAR containing the serializer hook class and META-INF/services/com.hazelcast.SerializerHook, a plain-text file containing its fully qualified name. Visit Jet's Serialization Guide for more details.

  • Constructor Details

    • ProtobufSerializerHook

      protected ProtobufSerializerHook​(Class<T> clazz, int typeId)
      Creates Protocol Buffers v3 serializer hook.
      clazz - GeneratedMessageV3 serialization type registered by this hook
      typeId - unique type id of serializer registered by this hook
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