Class Measurement

All Implemented Interfaces:
DataSerializable, IdentifiedDataSerializable

public final class Measurement
extends Object
implements IdentifiedDataSerializable
Immutable data class containing information about one metric measurement, consisting of:
  • metric value
  • metric timestamp, generated when the metric was gathered
  • metric descriptor (set of tag name-value pairs)

A metrics descriptor can be thought of as a set of attributes associated with a particular metric, metric which in turn is defined by its name (for a full list of metric names provided see MetricNames). The attributes are specified as tags that have names and values (for a full list of tag names see MetricTags). An example descriptor would have a collection of tags/attributes like this: module=jet, job=jobId, exec=execId, vertex=filter, proc=3, unit=count, metric=queuesCapacity, ...