Interface JobSuspensionCause

public interface JobSuspensionCause
Description of the cause that has led to the job being suspended.

One reason for the job to be suspended is the user explicitly requesting it. Another reason is encountering an error during execution, while being configured to get suspended in such cases, instead of just failing. See JobConfig.setSuspendOnFailure(boolean).

When the job has been suspended due to an error, then the cause of that error is provided.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    String description()
    Describes the job suspension cause in a human-readable form.
    boolean dueToError()
    True if Jet suspended the job because it encountered an error during execution.
    String errorCause()
    Describes the error that has led to the suspension of the job.
    boolean requestedByUser()
    True if the user explicitly suspended the job.