Class IndeterminateOperationStateException

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IndeterminateOperationStateException
extends HazelcastException
IndeterminateOperationStateException is thrown when result of an invocation becomes indecisive.

For instance, an invocation doesn't receive enough ACKs from the backup replicas in time. In this case, IndeterminateOperationStateException only informs the caller that the operation may not be executed on all requested backup replicas, hence durability of the written / updated value may not be guaranteed immediately. This timeout is defined by configuration property ClusterProperty.OPERATION_BACKUP_TIMEOUT_MILLIS.

Similarly, if the member, which owns the primary replica of the operation's target partition, leaves the cluster before a response is returned, then

operation is not retried but fails with IndeterminateOperationStateException. However, there will not be any rollback on other successful replicas.

Last, if a Raft group leader leaves the cluster before sending a response for the invocation, the invocation may terminate without knowing if the operation is committed or not.

See Also:
ClusterProperty.OPERATION_BACKUP_TIMEOUT_MILLIS, ClusterProperty.FAIL_ON_INDETERMINATE_OPERATION_STATE, CPSubsystemConfig.setFailOnIndeterminateOperationState(boolean), Serialized Form