Class WanReplicationConfig

All Implemented Interfaces:
DataSerializable, IdentifiedDataSerializable

public class WanReplicationConfig
extends Object
implements IdentifiedDataSerializable
Configuration for WAN replication. This configuration is referenced from a IMap or ICache configuration to determine the receivers for the WAN events. Each receiver is defined with a either a WanBatchPublisherConfig or a WanCustomPublisherConfig.

A single WAN replication configuration may consist of several WAN publisher configurations. The built-in WAN publisher implementation should be configured using WanBatchPublisherConfig and custom WAN publisher implementations can be configured using WanCustomPublisherConfig.

You may consider each WAN publisher configuration as a single target cluster or a single external system. The WAN subsystem will track replication for each publisher separately. Having multiple publishers in a single WAN replication config simplifies simultaneous publication of map and cache events to multiple target systems.

In addition to defining publishers, you may optionally configure a WAN consumer. The WAN consumer is in charge of consuming (processing) incoming WAN events. Usually when defining a custom consumer you need to define a custom WAN publisher as well.

See Also:
MapConfig.setWanReplicationRef(com.hazelcast.config.WanReplicationRef), CacheConfig.setWanReplicationRef(com.hazelcast.config.WanReplicationRef)