Class AbstractYamlConfigBuilder

Direct Known Subclasses:
YamlClientConfigBuilder, YamlClientFailoverConfigBuilder, YamlConfigBuilder

public abstract class AbstractYamlConfigBuilder
extends Object
Contains logic for replacing system variables in the YAML file and importing YAML files from different locations.
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    • getProperties

      protected Properties getProperties()
      Gets the current used properties. Can be null if no properties are set.
      the current used properties
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    • importDocuments

      protected void importDocuments​(com.hazelcast.internal.yaml.YamlNode imdgRoot) throws Exception
      Imports external YAML documents into the provided main YAML document.

      Since the YAML configuration uses mappings, in order to keep the configuration defined in the main YAML document the imported document (the source) will be actually merged into the main document (the target). An example to it is defining one map in the main document, and another map in the imported document. In this case the documents should be merged to include both map configurations under the root/map node.

      imdgRoot - The root of the main YAML configuration document
      Exception - If a YAML document to be imported can't be loaded
      See Also:
      merge(YamlNode, YamlNode)
    • getConfigRoot

      protected abstract String getConfigRoot()
    • replaceVariables

      protected void replaceVariables​(Node node) throws Exception
    • setPropertiesInternal

      protected void setPropertiesInternal​(Properties properties)