Interface CacheEvictionPolicyComparator<K,​V>

Type Parameters:
K - type of the key
V - type of the value
All Superinterfaces:
Comparator<CacheEntryView<K,​V>>, EvictionPolicyComparator<K,​V,​CacheEntryView<K,​V>>, Serializable
Functional Interface:
This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

public interface CacheEvictionPolicyComparator<K,​V>
extends EvictionPolicyComparator<K,​V,​CacheEntryView<K,​V>>
ICache specific EvictionPolicyComparator for comparing CacheEntryViews to be evicted. Implementors of the comparator have to implement equals and hashCode methods to support correct config comparison.
See Also:
EvictionPolicyComparator, CacheEntryView
  • Method Details

    • compare

      int compare​(CacheEntryView<K,​V> o1, CacheEntryView<K,​V> o2)
      Compares the given CacheEntryView instances and returns the result. The result should be one of
      • -1: first entry has higher priority to be evicted
      • 1: second entry has higher priority to be evicted
      • 0: both entries have same priority
      Specified by:
      compare in interface Comparator<K>
      o1 - the first CacheEntryView instance to be compared
      o2 - the second CacheEntryView instance to be compared
      the result of comparison