Interface ProcessorMetaSupplier.Context

All Known Subinterfaces:
Processor.Context, ProcessorSupplier.Context
All Known Implementing Classes:
TestProcessorContext, TestProcessorMetaSupplierContext, TestProcessorSupplierContext
Enclosing interface:

public static interface ProcessorMetaSupplier.Context
Context passed to the meta-supplier at init time on the member that received a job request from the client.
  • Method Details

    • jetInstance

      @Nonnull JetInstance jetInstance()
      Returns the current Jet instance.
    • jobId

      long jobId()
      Returns the job ID. Job id is unique for job submission and doesn't change when the job restarts. It's also unique for all running and archived jobs.
    • executionId

      long executionId()
      Returns the job execution ID. It's unique for one execution, but changes when the job restarts.
    • jobConfig

      @Nonnull JobConfig jobConfig()
      Returns the JobConfig.
    • totalParallelism

      int totalParallelism()
      Returns the total number of Processors that will be created across the cluster. This number remains stable for entire job execution. It is equal to memberCount() * localParallelism().
    • localParallelism

      int localParallelism()
      Returns the number of processors that each ProcessorSupplier will be asked to create once deserialized on each member. All members have equal local parallelism. The count doesn't change unless the job restarts.
    • memberCount

      int memberCount()
      Returns the number of members running this job.

      Note that the value might be lower than current member count if members were added after the job started. The count doesn't change unless the job restarts.

    • vertexName

      @Nonnull String vertexName()
      Returns the name of the associated vertex.
    • logger

      @Nonnull ILogger logger()
      Returns a logger for the associated ProcessorMetaSupplier.
    • snapshottingEnabled

      default boolean snapshottingEnabled()
      Returns true, if snapshots will be saved for this job.
    • processingGuarantee

      ProcessingGuarantee processingGuarantee()
      Returns the guarantee for current job.