Class WanEventCounters


public class WanEventCounters
extends Object
Counters for WAN events for a single distributed object type (map or cache). This class may contain counters for a single WAN publisher or multiple WAN publishers, depending on its usage.
  • Constructor Details

    • WanEventCounters

      public WanEventCounters()
  • Method Details

    • incrementSync

      public void incrementSync​(String distributedObjectName)
      Increment the number of sync events for the distributedObjectName.
    • incrementSync

      public void incrementSync​(String distributedObjectName, int count)
      Increment the number of sync events for the distributedObjectName by count.
    • incrementUpdate

      public void incrementUpdate​(String distributedObjectName)
      Increment the number of update events for the distributedObjectName.
    • incrementRemove

      public void incrementRemove​(String distributedObjectName)
      Increment the number of remove events for the distributedObjectName.
    • incrementDropped

      public void incrementDropped​(String distributedObjectName)
      Increment the number of dropped events for the distributedObjectName.
    • removeCounter

      public void removeCounter​(String dataStructureName)
      Removes the counter for the given dataStructureName.
    • getEventCounterMap

      Returns a map from distributed object name to WanEventCounters.DistributedObjectWanEventCounters.